Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping and its Importance to Your Home!

By having your chimney cleaned and inspected annually it will go a long ways to help protect your family by effectively eliminating the risk of chimney fires.  Although the whole process sounds pretty easy, its a pretty detailed and complicated process, that should be completed by a trained chimney sweep professional.

The whole time you’re enjoying your fireplace for warmth or ambience your chimney is working hard to keep all of the potentially harmful substances safely contained, and properly removed.  Unfortunately over time debris will start to build up on the inside of your chimney causing blockages.  Of all of the different types of debris the two substances that you need to be aware of the most are soot and creosote, creosote is a super flammable substance that is the by product of unburned flue gasses inside your flue.  A heavy creosote blockage can not only start a very dangerous chimney fire, but it could cause blockage where smoke and other harmful gasses come back into your home.

A chimney fire is usually along the lines of a chimney explosion, they can burn at up to 2,000 degree’s and in most cases severely harm the integrity of your chimney if you think you are having a chimney fire, call 911 immediately.  A professionally trained technician from ARC Chimney Sweeps of Biloxi, MS will be able to thoroughly break through your creosote build up, leaving your chimney safe and functioning properly, reducing the risk of a chimney fire to nothing.

Chimney sweeping is the most affordable part of your home maintenance plan that keeps you and your family safe.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) code 211 states that all chimneys should be inspected annually and cleaned as needed to ensure the system is properly functioning to keep you and your family safe.

How We Do It

When you hire ARC Chimney Sweeps of Biloxi, MS  to clean your chimney, you can be sure that the technician servicing your chimney will be of the best trained in Biloxi.  You will receive full documentation giving you a full description of the thorough cleaning and inspection.

Before we arrive:
  • Avoid fires for at least 24 hours before your appointment
  • Please have any furniture and breakables at least 6 to 8 feet away from your fireplace
The process:
  • Inspect accessible portions of your chimney interior and exterior
  • Inspect factory built units for cracks
  • Sweep the firebox clear of any ash
  • Check chimney liner for cracks gaps and missing mortar joints
  • Sweep your chimney flue
  • Scrub your smoke chamber and smoke shelf with hand tools
  • Check for any fire hazards
  • Check for any water penetration points
  • Give you a full written report of the appointment

Call ARC Chimney Sweeps of Biloxi, MS at (228) 207-6572 to speak to someone about the whole process and to schedule your appointment!