Waterproofing and Your Chimney

Almost all chimneys are constructed of very porous materials, meaning they will absorb and hold water.  Think of your chimney like a really big sponge, and each time it rains it sucks up a bunch of water, and over time the water with the help of our friend gravity will erode a path further and further down into your chimney, causing mold, mildew, deterioration, bad odors and leaks.  The deterioration is only made worse with the coming of winter, in the cold weather after it rains and your chimney is holding water, often times the temperature can go below 32 degree’s and the water can freeze, this starts the freeze thaw effect, where water expands when frozen, then shrinks back when it melts.  Freeze thaw effect can cause some pretty major leak issues, resulting in damage to property!

How We Waterproof

While many people may consider waterproofing a chimney to be a simple 1 step operation, ARC Chimney Sweeps of Biloxi, MS use a very in depth multi stage method that gives you the assurance you need that your chimney is being properly cared for.

Other Preventative Measures

Waterproofing is only one of the several procedures to consider when looking at preventative maintenance.

  • Have you noticed cracks or spalling (flaking masonry) on the top of your chimney? Your chimney crown is there to prevent water from entering into your chimney, and cracks and spalling are almost always a dead give away that there is a problem. Contact us immediately to check and repair the problem before it becomes worse.
  • Is your fireplace damper functioning properly? The damper is the device that closes all access to the flue when your chimney and fireplace aren’t in use. It also helps to keep dust, water, and other debris from falling into your home from the top of your chimney. If it’s not working properly, you should consider having it either repaired or replaced.
  • Do you have a chimney cap installed correctly? A cap can be a simple but effective barrier that keeps rain from entering into your chimney or home. So, if yours is either missing or not working appropriately, considering having ARC Chimney Sweeps of Biloxi, MS come out to install or repair it.

If you have any concerns on whether or not water is getting into your chimney, or if you want to discuss more preventative measures for your chimney, give ARC Chimney Sweeps of Biloxi, MS a call at (228) 207-6572 today!